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Service-providers, consultants, health coaches, life coaches or anyone dreaming of the work-from-anywhere lifestyle...

It's time to create empowering and inspiring experiences for you and your clients-- even if you're struggling to hone in on the right services, feel paralyzed about building a website and all things tech, and you don't have an impressive social media following.

Access my tools, templates, resources and strategies to help you go from an idea to your business online in 90 days or less. 


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You'd just like some help on balancing it all, identifying your passions, or figuring out the right action steps to help you live out your wildest dreams. You're lifestyle design is key!


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A few years ago, I was traveling between Poland & Turkey on a 6-country vacay when I decided I needed

Something New.


I was feeling burned out and unfulfilled at work... And I just couldn't find the right outlet to put me on the right track.

I remember standing on a random street in Slovakia, listening to a tour guide in front the most beautiful mountains of the High Tatras when it hit me.

A few months later I was touring private clients around some of my favorite places in Istanbul and started a blog discussing all things travel, career and lifestyle design.

Followers began asking for advice on how to pursue their own passions, and my coaching practice was born...

All by accident!

 Now as a

Lifestyle Design Strategist

and Online Business Mentor


I absolutely adore helping smart, ambitious women, like you, create your ideal lifestyle and/or transform your ideas into your dream business through my private and group coaching, digital products, online courses and virtual events.


Whether you're looking to simply find more time in the day to live out your own passions or you're looking to help others pursue their own goals by providing services part-time or by going all out...


You're in the right place.

Lisbeth Overton

Manifestion Mentor


Working with Marsha was such a breeze. She is ultra organized and gets you what you need, always in the most timely fashion. She leads from the heart and her dedication can be felt from the level of detail that she puts into her work.

She thinks of everything and goes out of her way to make sure each person has what they need to maximize their experience. Her energy is contagious and her passion is palpable.  I can't recommend working with Marsha enough. She over delivers and will have you wanting to come back for more!

Pamela Jon Thomas

Health Coach


I knew I wanted to pivot in my career and teach people how to really embrace what true health and wellness is all about, but honestly, I didn’t know where or how to start. That’s where Marsha came in.

Marsha's program gave me the exact strategy I needed to make my dream of entrepreneurship a reality. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and highly motivated to empower you to make the transition from employee to being your own nurse boss.

I fully credit Marsha's coaching as the reason I feel confident moving forward today!

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