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Welcome to the self-care podcast series where we chat with nurses that share their tips and strategies for incorporating  self-care strategies into your every day life.

Today, Marsha Battee will be speaking with Emily Cheng, Co-Founder of MedVenture App.

Listen to the full episode:


Show notes and what you'll hear in this episode:

  • We discuss Em's nursing journey and her real thoughts about her critical care specialty.
  • A great topic for new grads, we talk about the Myth of Med/Surg nursing. Here's an old, and still relevant, article written by Marsha from year's ago.
  • Em gives up her best self-care strategies, including one of my very favorites... listen in to find out.
  • Then, Em gets a bit personal and shares her story of managing anxiety and depression.
  • And the entrepreneurial journey... We talk about how Em's need for connection and community on a travel assignment in California led her to create MedVenture App with her co-founder, Ryan Cogdill.

Here's where you'll find Em and MedVenture online.

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