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Welcome to the Black Nurses Week Conference™ podcast series where we chat with speakers of the first annual Black Nurses Week Conference.

Today, Marsha will be speaking with Marsha Carter-Hall, CRNP, RN, NP-C, FNP-BC.



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Show notes and what you'll hear in this episode:

  • We talk all about Marsha's work during the pandemic that led her to starting a profitable IV hydration business.
  • Why Marsha chose to invest her own education.
  • And, hear the discussion on why nurses should charge what they're worth in business.
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Bio - Marsha Carter-Hall, CRNP, RN, NP-C, FNP-BC.

Marsha is a Double Board Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Family Medicine. Marsha has earned certifications by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners & American Nurses Credentialing Center.

She is a graduate of Simmons University & Towson University and current serves as the Chief Medical Director & CEO of Quench Infusions & Wellness.

Marsha has over 20 years experience in healthcare and has worked in emergency care, acute care and outpatient settings. She is a selfless, caring, and holistic advanced practice clinician that understands the importance of evidence based practice and goes above and beyond to quality care to every client she encounters.

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