Looking to offer your passion, experience or expertise in an online business? The MBA Incubator will teach you all the steps you'll need to go from idea to your very first sale in 90 days?


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August 2021


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The MBA Incubator program is for you if you've ever dreamed of...


  • Working from anywhere, laptop in hand, providing a service to any client you choose, anywhere in the world.
  • Spending time working in your true zone of genius because you know that’s where you’ll make a difference in the lives you serve.
  • Commanding a premium fee for your expertise because your talents and skills are unparalleled.
  • Loving the work that you do, the people you surround yourself with, and enjoy regular self-care in the way that you want.
  • Taking meaningful, fun-filled vacations every year… or just because.
  • Starting the revolution you desire, and change the world with your big ideas.
  • Being the smartest, chillest, happiest person you know.
You're in the right place.

What the MBA Incubator program is all about:


  • Creating the right mindset around what’s possible for you in business.

  • Solidifying your idea and create the ideal brand to bring awareness to your work.

  • Knowing your ideal clients like the back of your hand.

  • Providing the right services that solve the exact problem your clients have to a tee.

  • Implementing your work in way that feels so intuitive that you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started.

  • Having the right support that inspires and encourages you to keep going.

Hi, I'm Marsha!


I first started my business in coaching a few years back as a lifestyle design strategist.

It all happened by accident after quitting a nursing job I had at the time to backpack abroad for 7 months.

I saw some amazing places along the way... Bali, Santorini, and Lisbon to name a few.

During that time, I fielded lots of questions from followers about traveling abroad, switching careers, and pursuing their own desires.

That's when my coaching practice was born.

Now, I teach others the same 7 systems that I used to get me started a few years ago. Let's help you do the same!

Pamela Jon Thomas


I knew I wanted to pivot in my career and teach people how to really embrace what true health and wellness is all about, but honestly, I didn’t know where or how to start. That’s where Marsha came in.

She gave me the exact strategy I needed to make my dream of entrepreneurship a reality. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and highly motivated to empower you to make the transition from employee to being your own nurse boss. I fully credit her coaching as the reason I feel confident moving forward today!

Julie Myers


My session with Marsha was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect as I am at the very beginning stages of exploring the possibility of starting my own business. Marsha was friendly, curious and knowledgeable and I was immediately at ease talking to her.

In just one session Marsha helped me tap into ideas based on my own interests and experiences that I had never considered before. She gave me the space to express my ideas and then gave me concrete and realistic insights into what it takes to start a business. I can’t wait to learn more from her. Thanks Marsha!



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