Introducing the...

New Coach Toolkit

Your first step in launching your own coaching business...

If you're an aspiring coach...

Whether it's health coaching, life coaching, career coaching or even crochet coaching (yes that's a thing)... I'll show you everything you need in my step-by-step mini-course to help you get started on your online coaching business in 7 days or less.

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What's included in the Toolkit?

Start your coaching business in less than a week...

Step-by-Step Checklist

This Checklist ensures you'll never leave out the details when starting your coaching business.

Your Income Stream

Learn 4 popular income streams for coaches to incorporate in a new business.

Choose Your Niche

This lesson will help you hone in on the right idea for starting your coaching business.

The Right Delivery

There are a few common methods that coaches use to deliver their services. Get them here!

The Right Client

This one exercise alone will help you get clear on determining who is your perfect client.

Systems & Strategies

Learn about the most important systems you'll need as a new coach to get started in a week.

And Don't Forget the Bonuses!

**Bonus 1**

Client-Qualifying Questionnaire

This happens before you even hop on a call with a potential client to ensure you're not wasting time!

**Bonus 2**

The Discovery Call Questionnaire

Here are the most important questions you should ask once you have them on the call.

**Bonus 3**

Coaching Call Delivery Worksheet

So you've secured the client! Now how do you coach them? Use my coaching delivery worksheet!

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Hi, I'm Marsha!

Lifestyle Design Strategist and Online Business Mentor

A few years back, I quit my job and started a boutique travel firm where I toured clients around some of my favorite places in Greece & Turkey... and blogged about it along the way.

Followers began asking for help on how to pursue their own passions, and my coaching practice was born... all by accident!

Now, I help aspiring coaches transform their ideas into their dream business with digital products, online courses and virtual events.

Eliminate the excuse of "some day..."

Let's get started right now!

Lisbeth Overton

Marsha's insatiable drive for knowledge and her muli-talented genius run deep. Plus, she is super fun!! Working with Marsha was such a breeze.

She is ultra organized and gets you what you need, always in the most timely fashion. She leads from the heart and her dedication can be felt from the level of detail that she puts into her work. She thinks of everything and goes out of her way to make sure each person has what they need to maximize their experience. Her energy is contagious and her passion is palpable.  I can't recommend working with Marsha enough.

She over-delivers and will have you wanting to come back for more!

Buy the Toolkit $37 >

What others have said about my work...

Brian Park

Founder, Nabee Socks

I’ve worked with Marsha, attended her events, and even been interviewed for her podcast.  She always works hard, learns fast, and is able to adapt to any situation.  I’ve seen her set up a conference and a podcast, both in record time.  She makes seemingly impossible tasks, not only possible, but exceptional and timely.

Everything Marsha’s done has been awesome and every time I’m impressed by her work ethic and talent for learning in record time.

Cat Golden

I've spoken at countless events and I have to say Marsha had some of the best and most thorough communication to date. She was very clear on what was expected as a speaker along every step of the way. I also appreciate she was on time and made sure the event was run in a timely and efficient manner. 

Planning events, working and being a coach is A LOT and Marsha did an amazing job.

Amanda Guarniere

It was a delight to work with Marsha on the Nurse to Entrepreneur Summit. Marsha had a vision and worked impressively to execute the vision, all while co-creating the event with the speakers. What resulted was a true collaborative event that allowed everyone to shine and share their knowledge with the attendees.

I feel honored to have been a part of such a high-caliber event!

Pamela Jon Thomas

When I first started working with Marsha, I didn't even know where to get started.

Marsha helped me go from exploring many ideas to a business. I've already developed my coaching offers and my website is already online!

I can't believe what I've learned and done in such a short time.

Liz Rohr

It was SO lovely working with Marsha. She is clearly a professional when it comes to event planning and hosting--incredibly timely, thoughtful, organized, mission-driven, heart-centered and simply delightful. She thought of absolutely everything and made the experience smooth, incredibly impactful and full of surprises and delight.

Tiffany Gibson

Marsha has been extremely thorough during this process, detailing all progress and status updates leading up to the event. Her hard work, thoughtfulness and camaraderie was noted and felt.

I enjoyed working with her.

Here's a quick recap of what you'll get inside the Toolkit:

  • My ultimate step-by-step Checklist to ensure you won't leave out a thing when starting your coaching practice.
  • The four most popular income streams to incorporate into your coaching business.
  • Strategies to help you hone in on your niche and start the right coaching practice for you.
  • The most common service delivery methods for new coaches.
  • The only exercise you'll need to help you identify your ideal client.
  • The most important systems and strategies that every new coach will need to get started in less than a week.
  • Bonus #1: Client-Qualifying Questionnaire.
  • Bonus #2: The Discovery Call Questionnaire.
  • Bonus #3: Coaching Call Delivery Worksheet.
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