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August 2021


New Coach Collective™ will give your the tools, tips and step-by-step strategies to launch your coaching business


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Thursday, August 12th, 2021 at 5 PM EST

This live training is for you if...


  • You've been dreaming of having an online business, but have no idea where to start.
  • You're thinking about selecting a particular niche, but don't know how you would even sell your services.
  • You're afraid of all of the technological hurdles like building websites, sending mass emails, and getting paid, that you think you'll never overcome them to get your business off the ground!
  • You see all the other business owners on Instagram daily and you're dying in InstaEnvy because you think... "But they really know what they're doing, not me!"
  • You want to help others using your skills, passion and experience because you know you're meant to make a bigger impact!
You're in the right place.

Here's What You'll Learn in Our Time Together:


  • The 7 systems and strategies that every new online business owner needs when first starting out.
  • The most important pre-work to knock out before your put the 7 systems and strategies in place.
  • 4 of the most popular income streams you can incorporate into your business and which one takes the least amount of effort! 
  • The #1 mistake new online business owners make before they even launch their new business into the world and keeps them stuck in "some day."
  • The simplest way to begin your business in less than a week.

Hi, I'm Marsha!


I first started my business in coaching a few years back as a lifestyle design strategist.

It all happened by accident after quitting a nursing job I had at the time to backpack abroad for 7 months.

I saw some amazing places along the way... Bali, Santorini, and Lisbon to name a few.

During that time, I fielded lots of questions from followers about traveling abroad, switching careers, and pursuing their own desires.

That's when my coaching practice was born.

Now, I teach others the same 7 systems that I used to get me started a few years ago. Let's help you do the same!

Pamela Jon Thomas


I knew I wanted to pivot in my career and teach people how to really embrace what true health and wellness is all about, but honestly, I didn’t know where or how to start. That’s where Marsha came in.

She gave me the exact strategy I needed to make my dream of entrepreneurship a reality. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and highly motivated to empower you to make the transition from employee to being your own nurse boss. I fully credit her coaching as the reason I feel confident moving forward today!

Julie Myers


My session with Marsha was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect as I am at the very beginning stages of exploring the possibility of starting my own business. Marsha was friendly, curious and knowledgeable and I was immediately at ease talking to her.

In just one session Marsha helped me tap into ideas based on my own interests and experiences that I had never considered before. She gave me the space to express my ideas and then gave me concrete and realistic insights into what it takes to start a business. I can’t wait to learn more from her. Thanks Marsha!


7 Secret Systems to Launch Your Online Business in a Week